Patterson makes it official: NBA bound

Patterson makes it official:  NBA bound

Patrick Patterson said he had no regrets coming back for his junior year. "Fully satisfied with his decision to return," Patterson said.

Much like when Patrick Patterson and his family were making their decision what university to attend, they had their day in the sun once more. Coming out of high school in Huntington, West Virginia Patterson was the only top player who hadn't committed. He put his game on display in Memorial Coliseum against Lexington Catholic for his future fans to see.

On that day we wrote Patterson's game can be summed up in one sequence. Huntington was on the break, the pass is kicked to the corner, then dished to O.J. Mayo, who touch passed the ball high in the air to a trailing Patterson gliding in the air and he made a controlled one-hand straight away bank shot off the glass – a thing of beauty! One of the more impressive things in his game is when he rebounds he spins in the air and the ball's gone the other way.

The fast break is half over at that point. To sum up his physicality, the 6-foot-9, and conservative 230-pounds is a boy in a man's body. Now he is a man in a man's body and now hopes to make money doing what he does best. Patterson started the presser by thanking several people at the university for his success. But he started his thanks by acknowledging the help of Tubby Smith by getting him to Kentucky, a coach he never played for.

Patterson said he talked to Jodie Meeks on a regular basis about the possibility of playing together. He said after weighing everything and it was time for him to go.

Tywanna Patterson, Patrick's mother said the thought heavily on them to return for his senior year. But when it became obvious that he would not be coming back to an experienced team, it became obvious the thing to do was turn pro. My press row seat was in close proximity with the Patterson family and it appeared that they had the time of their life this year. This, she said also made it hard.

Patrick Patterson said he had no regrets coming back for his junior year. "Fully satisfied with his decision to return," Patterson said. "Developed my game, confidence in my jump shot, knocking down three's, ball handling, driving from the perimeter, and just overall confidence in my game skyrocketed this year."

Patterson said he has sought advise from Jodie Meeks. Meeks said – "People that you can trust; and people you can trust two handle his money

He said that he and O. J. Mayo still talk and they are still on good terms. Recommended Stories

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