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How good can the Wildcats be?

Darnell Dodson

Calipari: "Just make easy plays. Don't try to make hero plays. Don't try to throw look-away passes if you don't have to. Throw it to the guy where he can handle it and make a basket. They are trying, I think that our team is getting better and I think that individual players are getting better. They only way that your team can get better is if individual players get better."

With the Kentucky Wildcats standing at 14-0, which is a better record than anyone could have anticipated heading to 2010, you just have to shake your head and wonder, "just how good can this team be by March?" The team that ESPN's Jimmy Dykes says missed 45 threes in a row the first time he saw them practice has now made 42% of its threes on the season. How does Calipari explain this... Recommended Stories