Hytchye's Official Visit Reassuring

Hytchye's Official Visit Reassuring

A week after giving Kentucky his verbal pledge Jaleel Hytchye took his official visit with the Wildcats and came away reassured he made the right decision.

The recruiting process for many high school prospects can be an up and down climb as they maneuver the sometimes muddy waters in search for the right school.   

For Cincinnati (Ohio) La Salle defensive back Jaleel Hytchye the past two weeks have seen him give Kentucky his verbal pledge and take his official visit with the Wildcats.

How did Hytchye’s visit go in Lexington?

“My visit went good and we had a lot of fun,” said Hytchye.  “We did all the typical stuff you do on a visit as on Friday we had a couple of meetings but also relaxed and went out to dinner.  Saturday we had meetings all day, went to the basketball game and hung out with some of the players.”

Hytchye makes it no secret he’s a huge hoops fan and looks forward to catching many games in Rupp Arena in the future.

“I’m a big hoops fan,” Hytchye explained.  “I watched Kentucky play last year when they had Anthony Davis and all those guys.  So I already knew what it was like going to a game.

“Basketball is the only sport I get to watch and not have to play, so I love watching it.  It was good to go back and see a game again and we all got a chance to meet with Coach (John) Calipari briefly as he had only had a few minutes to talk.”

During the visit Hytchye was able to connect with another Southwest Ohio native as Cody Quinn served as his host.

“I already knew Cody previously but not too well,” said Hytchye.  “But we got a chance to really get to know each other better during my visit and I look forward to being his teammate.”

With an emphasis to recruit Ohio under new head coach Mark Stoops, Hytchye feels the Wildcats could be a new destination for many in the Buckeye state.

“I feel it’s very important for Kentucky to recruit Ohio,” said Hytchye.  “We have some of the best players in the region and we’re not that far from campus.  So I feel it should be one of the top states for Kentucky to recruit.”

Reflecting on his visit Hytchye has an even better feeling about his decision.

“Things have been great since giving my pledge,” said Hytchye.  “This was a giant weight off my shoulders as I finally knew where I wanted to go to school.  It was great to get some reassurance about my decision as the coaches did a great job of answering any questions I may have had.  I know I made the right decision as I feel good about the direction the program is headed.”

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