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Practice time gives opportunity to improve

Donovan saw slippage in the Florida defense

Eight days between the last game against Air Force and Florida's road game at Yale on Sunday has given the team a chance to focus on improvement. Despite being 9-2 so far this season, Florida head coach Billy Donovan has found plenty of areas that need to get better. The Gators started the year as one of the best defenses in the country, but those numbers have started to trail off in recent games.

"This has been really good," Billy Donovan said about the team getting a break from games. "It has been pretty demanding. Anytime you're in a situation where there's no school and no time constraints, you're in a position with unlimited time to work and get better. "From a teaching standpoint, it's a good opportunity to break things down and try to show our guys that we've got to get better... Recommended Stories