Quoting Kyle Wiltjer vs Miss State

Quoting Kyle Wiltjer vs Miss State

Kyle Wiltjer's interview preceding the team's departure for a game in Starkville against Mississippi State.

Kentucky forward Kyle Wiltjer was interviewed prior to the team departing for Starkville, Mississippi.

On whether there is a difference in mentality when the team is away versus at home …

"No, we approach every game like it's the same, whether it's on the road or at home. Because if you take away the distractions and what court you're playing on, it's still the same game. Hopefully we'll execute."

On whether he feels he has a shooter's mentality …

"When I go in there, I try to be aggressive and just shoot my open shots."

On whether shooting is the first thing on his mind when he gets the ball …

"If I'm open I like to shoot it, but definitely you just want to do what the defense gives you. If the shot is, there you take it. If not, you just pass it around and get your teammates involved."

On what kind of challenge Mississippi State could provide tomorrow night …

"They're a tough team. We're going to learn a lot about them today in practice and prepare for them. We're just going to approach it like every other game and hopefully we'll go in and get the win."

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