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Willie Cauley's AAU coach discusses his star

"I think Kentucky is a great fit for him with its style of play," his AAU coach said. "Willie, like a lot of big kids, has played to the level of competition at times. We are one of 40 Nike teams (in the country), so we play the best of the best. No one ever walked away from our game saying this kid or that kid is better than Willie."

The first time Matt Suther saw Willie Cauley play was when he was 14 years old. Even then, it was obvious to the AAU coach that Cauley was a special talent. "You saw the upside the kid had and the raw talent. You knew if he continued to work and do the things it takes to be a player, he would get there and be a great player because he has all the God-given talent in the world," said Suther...